Committed to maximum energy efficiency


We are the first Passivhaus certified hotel in the south of Spain, Andalusia and the province of Seville. A benchmark hotel in the sector committed to maximum energy efficiency with Passivhaus certification.

First Passive House hotel in Andalusia

Passivhaus certification, the world’s leading energy-efficient building standard and one of the most comprehensive and demanding standards in the world, certifies that this building is highly energy efficient and offers a very high level of indoor comfort all year round.

Air tightness

The high air tightness of the hotel, certified by an official air tightness test, guarantees the absence of uncontrolled air infiltration: high user comfort and absence of external noise.

Particulate filters

The air that is blown 24h in the hotel is filtered with special fine particle filters, making the stay more comfortable and pleasant for the guests than in a conventional hotel.

24h mechanical ventilation

In addition, excellent indoor air quality is guaranteed thanks to the hotel's lung: a comfortable mechanical ventilation system that operates 24 hours a day, providing clean, filtered and conditioned air in all rooms thanks to the heat recovery system. A healthy space.

Committed to sustainability

This hotel has passed all the quality controls of the Passivhaus standard, also during its construction, in order to offer the highest quality to guests, as well as reducing the energy used to air-condition the hotel by up to 90% compared to a conventional hotel of the same size. 

Solar panels

It uses clean energies such as aerothermal energy and renewable energies through solar panels to generate the hotel's hot water.


An efficient, comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly hotel.

CO2 reduction

With this Passivhaus hotel, 30 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere can be reduced per year, the equivalent of planting 3,000 trees every year.