Signature Hotel, Triana House by Amaro Sánchez de Moya

Amaro Sánchez de Moya

… each room evokes a kind of stroll through the different corners of Andalusia through the colour, the smell, the decoration, the furniture

A unique signature hotel with a small number of rooms designed to make every stay a memorable experience.

Triana House Boutique Hotel takes you through the different Andalusian provinces and their traditions. Each room evokes a kind of walk through the different corners of Andalusia through the colour, the smell, the decoration, the kitchenware and even the gastronomy at breakfast.

The green tones so characteristic of the fields of Jaén; the stripes of the huts on the endless beaches of Huelva; the classic ceramic tiles that adorn the Alhambra or the embossed leather cordovans of Córdoba, make the boutique hotel a grand experience. It is a must in the capital of Seville, a journey through the senses through the culture and the deepest Andalusian roots.

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Triana House Boutique Hotel brings a new level of luxury to Seville.

Amaro Sánchez de Moya is the creator of the architectural and interior design project for Triana House. In it, he has combined styles such as Art Deco and the architecture of the 1930s with the ceramic tradition of the Triana quarter, resulting in rooms full of natural light which are very sophisticated and comfortable, with very colourful popular touches.

The house is full of details that make it different, perhaps the most striking and representative are the headboards of the beds, created with colourful handmade traditional Triana tiles, matching the herringbone pattern of the Carrara and Marquina marble of the floors, reminiscent of the old parquet of the houses of Seville.

The presence of furniture designed in limited edition by Amaro Sánchez de Moya himself and the fabrics of the bedspreads and curtains, by GP & J Baker, complete this special atmosphere.