We are a boutique hotel with three exquisitely decorated rooms, offering an intimate atmosphere in the heart of Triana, one of the most enchanting and historic quarters of Seville.

In this quarter, rich in tradition and mythology, legend has it that the goddess Astarte fled the amorous pursuits of Hercules, mythical founder of the city, taking refuge on the western bank of the Guadalquivir River.

For other, more historically-minded visitors, Triana had more worldly origins – as part of the Roman colony founded by native-born emperor Trajan. Even the origin of its name, it is said, drips with imperial significance – Trajana for Trajan, tri for three in Latin, and the Celtiberian ana for river – denoting the land of Trajan where the Guadalquivir river splits into three distinct branches.

As lovers of our local art, culture and history, we have aimed to create a privileged space which embodies and is infused with the magical character of our land.